CBD SBIR Phase I Proposal Submission

Instructions for submitting Phase I proposals

Small businesses (500 employees or less and that meet all additional SBIR eligibility criteria defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration) that would like to participate in the CBD SBIR program must submit a Phase I proposal not to exceed the maximum dollar amount of $150,000.  CBD SBIR no longer includes an Option period as part of Phase I projects.  Phase I proposals should define the work to be performed for a six-month Period of Performance.  Go to https:sbir.defensebusiness.org to view the key acquisition dates for Phase I proposal submission.  Each DoD SBIR and STTR Announcement is posted on the DoD SBIR website:  click on 'Announcements' at https://sbir.defensebusiness.org. The CBD SBIR program does not accept unsolicited proposals. The CBD SBIR program also does not accept classified proposals.

The entire proposal submission (consisting of a Proposal Cover Sheet, the Technical Volume, Cost Volume, and Company Commercialization Report) must be submitted electronically through the DoD SBIR/STTR Proposal Submission system located at https://sbir.defensebusiness.org.

  • A hardcopy is NOT required and will not be accepted by the Chemical and Biological Defense SBIR Program.
  • Hand or electronic signature on the proposal is also NOT required.
  • The small business is responsible for performing a virus check on each proposal before it is uploaded electronically. The detection of a virus on any submission may be cause for the rejection of the proposal.
  • The submission site does not limit the overall file size for each electronic proposal submission. However, the file upload process may require significant time depending on the internet provider's connection speed and the size of the file. If a problem is experienced while uploading a proposal, call the DoD SBIR Help Desk (toll free) M-F between 9:00 am - 6:00 pm ET at 1-800-348-0787 or email sbirhelp@bytecubed.com anytime.  You can also visit the FAQs sections to learn more at https://sbir.defensebusiness.org/faqs.
  • The CBD SBIR program WILL NOT accept any proposals that are not submitted through the web-based submission site.

Reminder: Please submit proposals early to avoid delays due to high user volume.


Topic Pre-release

DoD Labs & Centers


Announcement Opens (Begin Accepting Proposals)

Small Businesses


Announcement Closes

Small Businesses February

Phase I Awards

CBD SBIR PM Within 90-days of Announcement closing

Phase I contract award

DoD Labs & Centers Typically within 180-days of Announcement closing

Small businesses are encouraged to become familiar with the Announcement; it is designed to reduce the investment of time and cost in preparing a formal proposal. Phase I proposers who wish to respond to a CBD SBIR Announcement must submit a direct, concise, and informative research and development proposal of no more than 20 pages (no type smaller than 10-point on standard 8-1/2" x 11" paper with one (1) inch margins). The Proposal Technical Volume, and any enclosures or attachments, must be 20 pages or less in length. The Cover Sheet, Cost Volume and Company Commercialization Report do not count against the 20-page Proposal Technical Volume page limit.

Note that a database containing all DoD STTR and SBIR abstracts and award data is located at the U.S. Small Business Administration website (http://www.sbir.gov). This link provides information that may be of help to you as you prepare your Phase I proposal. Because abstracts of selected proposals are posted on this public domain website, the abstract should not contain any classified or company proprietary information. The CBD SBIR program does not accept classified proposals.

PROPOSAL FORMAT (20 pages maximum). Refer to the current DoD SBIR Announcement for detailed information and instructions.

1.  Proposal Cover Sheet. (https://sbir.defensebusiness.org). As instructed on the website, prepare a Proposal Cover Sheet, including a brief description of the problem or opportunity, objectives, effort and anticipated results. Expected benefits and Government or private sector applications of the proposed research should also be summarized in the space provided.

2.  Technical Volume. Create a single file and place your firm name, topic number, and proposal number in the header of each page. You can not upload the Technical Volume to the DoD SBIR Submission site until you have created a Cover Sheet and have been assigned a proposal number. Technical proposals must be in PDF format for evaluation purposes. Technical proposals submitted in Portable Document Format (PDF) are requested and will be posted as soon as a virus scan of the file is complete (generally within 15 minutes depending on file size). Other acceptable formats (PC/Windows) are: Text, Rich Text Format (RTF), MS Word; however, these will be scanned and converted to PDF before being posted. File conversion usually takes an hour; however, longer times should be expected during peak traffic periods before the Announcement close date. DoD SBIR and CBD SBIR are not responsible for any format differences between the original file and the converted file. It is recommended that you convert your file to PDF (using Adobe Acrobat or one of the other many commercial and shareware PDF conversion tools/writers) before uploading.

PDF file must be created in version 4.0 or greater.

Do not encrypt or add security layers to the file.

The file must be self-contained. All figures and tables should be in the same file.

Do not add other attachments or embed other files (other than fonts).

Verify Upload. You are responsible for verifying the Technical Volume uploaded successfully. Review carefully; what you see when you click on the check proposal upload button is what the evaluator will see.

3.  Cost Volume.  ($150,000 maximum) A firm-fixed price or cost plus fixed fee Phase I Cost Volume must be submitted, in detail, online.

4.  Company Commercialization Report.

The Company Commercialization Report must be included with each proposal submitted. Refer to the DoD SBIR Announcement for detailed instructions on the Company Commercialization Report. If commercialization information has not been updated in the past year, or you need to review a copy of the report, visit the DoD SBIR Proposal Submission site at https://sbir.defensebusiness.org.  Note that improper handling of the Commercialization Report may result in the proposal being substantially delayed and that information provided may have a direct impact on the evaluation of the proposal. The Company Commercialization Report does not count toward the 20-page Phase I proposal limitation.

PROPOSAL CHECKLIST.  Those responding to the CBD SBIR program should note the proposal preparation tips listed below:

a. Read and follow all instructions contained in the Announcement.

b. Use the technical information services from the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) and other information assistance organizations.

c. Register your firm on the secure password-protected DoD Electronic Submission website (https://sbir.defensebusiness.org) and, as instructed on the website, prepare your proposal. A complete proposal consists of the proposal Cover Sheets, Technical Volume, Cost Volume, and Company Commercialization Report.

d. The Phase I proposal cost is maximum $150,000; the cost on the Cover Sheets must match the cost shown on the Cost Volume.

e. The Project Abstract and other content provided on the Cover Sheets must contain NO proprietary information. Mark proprietary information within the Technical Volume as instructed in the Announcement.

f. The header on each page of the Technical Volume should contain the small business company name, topic number, and proposal number. (The header may be included in the one-inch margins).

g. The Company Commercialization Report is submitted online in accordance with the instructions provided in the Announcement.  This report is required even if the firm has not received prior SBIR funding.

h. Limit your proposal to a maximum of 20 pages (excluding Cover Sheets, Cost Volume and Company Commercialization Report).

i. Use a type size no smaller than a 10-point font.

j. The Technical Volume shall not be in 2-column format.

k. Do not wait until the last minute to upload and submit your proposal!  Allow sufficient time to navigate the process!