FY13 Phase II Awards

The Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD) SBIR Program received 11 Phase II proposals for the FY13 cycle. All of the Phase II proposals received a comprehensive technical evaluation in accordance with the evaluation criteria published in the solicitation, and were prioritized for award; 8 Phase II proposals were selected for award. Awards will be made based on successful negotiations with the small business in addition to availability of funds.

Topic Title Company
CBD12-107 Continuous Ionization System for Electrostatic Collection of Bioaerosols in Building Protection Applications Milow Ltd.
CBD12-107 A Novel, Aerodynamics-augmented Continuous Ionization System for Electrostatic Collection of Bioaerosols CFD Research Corporation
CBD12-106 Regenerable Carbon Dioxide Removal Technology Based on Novel Macroporous Ion Exchange Resins for Closed-Circuit Breathing Apparatus Lynntech, Inc.
CBD12-106 Regenerable, heat-Abating, humidity-Neutralizing Carbon dioxide Removal System (RANCOR) Paragon Space Development Corporation
CBD12-105 Light-weight, Low-volume, High Oxygen Storage Density Material for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Mainstream Engineering Corporation
CBD12-104 Detection of Liquid Contaminants on Surfaces using Hyperspectral Imaging SA Photonics
CBD12-104 Advanced LWIR Hyperspectral System for On-the-Move Standoff Detection of Liquid and Solid Contaminants on Surfaces Physical Sciences Inc.
CBD12-103 Design Automation Software for Biomimetic Surface Presentation with DNA Origami Parabon NanoLabs, Inc.
Last Update: October 14, 2014