FY11.1 Phase I Awards

The Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD) SBIR Program received 140 Phase I proposals in response to the 11.1 DoD SBIR Solicitation, which closed on 12 January 2011. The 11.1 Solicitation contained nine topics. The Phase I proposals received a comprehensive technical evaluation in accordance with the evaluation criteria published in the Solicitation, and were prioritized for award. The CBD SBIR award process resulted in the identification of 16 Phase I proposals for negotiation and award. Awards will be made pending successful negotiations and availability of FY11 funds. The procurement office for the service or organization that generated the respective solicitation topic will contact selected companies to begin the negotiation process.

Topic Title Company
CBD11-109 Development of an in vitro assay as correlate of passive immune protection against botulinum neurotoxin to minimize use of whole animal testing Electronic BioSciences LLC
CBD11-109 Multiplex Microsphere Assay for Botulinum Neutralizing Antibodies Agave BioSystems, Inc.
CBD11-108 Compact Piezoelectric High Intensity Sound Source Omega Piezo Technologies
CBD11-108 Robust Piezoelectric Sound Source with Helmholtz Acoustic Amplification KCF Technologies, Inc
CBD11-107 A Reactive Coating for Air Purification Eltron Research & Development, Inc.
CBD11-106 Advanced Transmitter for Chem-Bio Standoff Detection DBC Technology Corp.
CBD11-105 Solid state deep UV laser for Raman detection of CB agents Arete Associates
CBD11-105 Compact Solid State Deep Ultraviolet (UV) laser for Raman detection of CB agents Snake Creek Lasers, LLC
CBD11-104 Ruggedized FTIR Spectrometer Based on Calomel Prisms Agiltron Corporation
CBD11-104 Wollaston prism based interferometer for chemical and biological early warning QuantaSpec Inc.
CBD11-103 Improved M8 Test Paper for Chemical Agent Detection Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.
CBD11-103 Improved M8 Chemical Agent Detector Paper for Facilities Monitoring Orono Spectral Solutions Inc.
CBD11-102 Narrowband Perfect Absorber using Metamaterials Lumilant, Inc.
CBD11-102 Narrowband Perfect Absorber using Metamaterials Phoebus Optoelectronics, LLC
CBD11-101 Rapid, Quantitative Biological Indicator System with Bacillus thuringiensis Al Hakam Spores Triton Systems, Inc.
CBD11-101 Spores Viability Detection System Physical Optics Corporation
Last Update: March 26, 2014