FY11 Phase II Awards

The Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD) SBIR Program received 22 Phase II proposals for the FY11 cycle. All of the Phase II proposals received a comprehensive technical evaluation in accordance with the evaluation criteria published in the solicitation, and were prioritized for award; 12 Phase II proposals were selected for award pending successful negotiations and availability of funds.

Topic Title Company
CBD10-110 Next Generation Integrated Electrophoretic Nanofluidic Biochip Sensor Platform for the THz Spectroscopic Finger Printing of Biological Species and Agents Redondo Optics, Inc.
CBD10-109 Blood Brain Barrier Drug Delivery of Therapeutics for Chemical Warfare Agents Impel NeuroPharma
CBD10-108 A High-Throughput Blood Esterase Panel Assay Agave BioSystems, Inc.
CBD10-107 Microfluidic High-throughput Platform for Determining of Kinetic Constants of Enzyme Variants CFD Research Corporation
CBD10-106 Miniature Residual Life Indicator Physical Optics Corporation
CBD10-105 Low noise longwave infrared (8-12µm) focal plane array with high sensitivity for passive hyperspectral standoff detection Applied NanoFemto Technologies LLC
CBD10-105 Focal Plane Array Technology for Passive Hyperspectral Standoff Detection EPIR Technologies Inc
CBD10-104 MEMS Lamellar Based Interferometer for the Detection of Toxic Chemicals Agiltron Corporation
CBD10-103 3D Microfluidic Platform for in vitro Hematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC) Culture Physical Optics Corporation
CBD10-103 A Novel Microfludic Device for Drug Toxicity Studies CFD Research Corporation
CBD10-102 Multifunctional Antisense Therapeutics Nanocarrier and Inhalation Device Physical Optics Corporation
CBD10-101 No Power Detection and Identification of Nerve Agents Lynntech, Inc.
Last Update: June 18, 2012